It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee

It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee

It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee

Who is that Wookiee with a precision rifle?


I started shooting pistols regularly in 2011 and shortly thereafter gravitated towards the long guns. The more time I spent shooting the more I found that my passion was with the precision rifle. In this area I am able to use some of my formal training as an experimental physicist to understand the long range shooting sports while at the same time challenge myself to improve as a marksman. I participated in my first national level match in April of 2016, and after that used the following six months to hone my skills at a local level. In 2018 and 2019 I participated in a number of two day national level events and during that time have represented companies such as Owens Armory, Phone Skope and XLR Industries. I have been providing technical consulting to a few companies in the industry with product development ideas, pre production beta testing, feasibility studies, and design improvement solutions on existing products. Recently my focus has been more on the    grassroots level participating in matches (both one and two day formats) and working with newer shooters getting into the sport so they can get more hits on target. For 2020 I have aligned myself with the Guardian Long Range Competition and for 2020 I agreed to be the match director for their March match in Arizona.

While working within the local club Sin City Precision in Las Vegas I developed a target impact    system for use within the Tactical Precision Rifle community called ‘The Pi-FT.” This unit was designed as a cost effective solution early on when most indicators were cost prohibitive to most clubs putting on matches. The Pi-FT has been adopted by some Extreme Long Range (ELR) shooters as well in the Southwest due to its performance in the field at extreme distances but it has become obsolete now with the Magnetospeed T1000 units coming to market.  During my time developing these target    impact systems I also managed the social media for the club, and ran the points for the local matches. Prior to stepping back from the club to focus more on my own performance and    development as a competitive shooter I was able to get the club to utilize PractiScore allowing the club to have a streamlined points system for their local matches that was in line with a national level match. I started up the NRL22 chapter in Las Vegas with Desert Sportsman’s Rifle and Pistol Club in 2018 which was handed off to one of the NRL22 founders shortly thereafter. For 2018 I assisted the NRL by providing Statistics and Analytics on matches within their series. In 2019 I released a recoil sensor-trigger for LabRadar units improving user experiences when shooting suppressed and with 22LR rifles to the public.  For the a recoil trigger for your LabRadar goto

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